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Public Adjusters

At Barcus Arenas, PLLC we understand and appreciate the value a Public Adjuster can bring to the property insurance claims litigation process. The work of a Public Adjuster is essential in protecting policyholders’ rights from the outset and ideally minimizing the need for litigation. As attorneys protecting policyholders’ rights, we understand the challenges of this process and the dedication and expertise necessary to aid policyholders during difficult and frustrating times. We see each Public Adjuster as a vital member of a team striving to achieve a fair resolution for insurance claim disputes.

Why should a Public Adjuster work with Barcus Arenas, PLLC?

Public Adjusters and attorneys working together can be a powerful force in the policyholder’s favor. Both Public Adjusters and attorneys have specialized skill sets and past experiences that can be combined to get the best possible outcome for the insured. Insurance companies often use collaboration between defense attorneys and field adjusters to justify claim determinations. Policyholders should also benefit from the collaboration between a public adjuster and an attorney. At the end of the day, lawyers and public adjusters working together can provide a valuable and professional service as long as the right professionals are involved.


Contractors also typically play a vital role in the insurance claims process, albeit with far more limitations. While the insurance company may have a list of “preferred service providers,” a policyholder is entitled to hire their own contractor(s) for the repair process. Given a contractor's likely early involvement in a claim, using a qualified contractor is important. Qualified restoration contractors specialize in restoring properties affected by water, wind, fires, and other perils and are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Following a disaster, a policyholder is likely to need a contractor readily accessible to make either emergency repairs or permanent property restoration. Policyholders should ensure the contractor maintains general liability coverage and should verify the contractor’s business name with your local business bureau.

While a contractor can provide assistance in the form of written estimates or photographs of the property damage, a contractor is prohibited from negotiating your claim with the insurance company. A reputable and experienced contractor understands these limitations and should not attempt to act like a public adjuster or an attorney.

Why should a Contractor work with Barcus Arenas, PLLC?

At Barcus Arenas, PLLC we focus on first-party insurance disputes. Given the specificity of our practice, our attorneys have built long-lasting professional relationships with claim experts, adjusters, engineers, contractors, etc. This experience has given us the knowledge to assist those on the ground during the claims process. 

Our attorneys take great pride in communicating with professionals on the ground to explain what is going on throughout the claims process and what acts and practices insurance companies are actively trying to fight against. We also listen to the advice from those same professionals to try and serve our mutual clients as best as possible.

Attorney Referrals

Barcus Arenas, PLLC is honored to receive attorney referrals. We understand the value you place on your relationship with your client and the trust in us to protect such a relationship and build on it. Our main goal is to protect the policyholder’s rights at all times and make sure we recover everything that is owed to them under the conditions of their insurance policy. At our law firm, we thrive in communicating with all parties involved in a case, including the Public Adjuster or attorney who referred the case. We will keep you informed of the status of the case throughout the claim pre-litigation and litigation process. We are happy to pay Texas Bar-approved referral fees.

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