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Bad-Faith Claim Handling

Insurance bad faith happens when an insurance company violates its legal duties to its policyholders. Bad faith can refer to any type of behavior that is unfair, unreasonable, or deceptive.

Our lawyers at Barcus Arenas provide legal assistance to help you deal with bad faith insurance claims.  Insurance companies that are intentionally denying, delaying, and undervaluing a legitimate claim violates the trust and rights of policyholders. With us by your side, we will negotiate on your behalf and ensure that your insurance company fulfills its obligations in good faith and provides you with the fair treatment and compensation you rightfully deserve.

What are Some Examples of Bad Faith?

Actions that constitute “bad faith” are usually determined on a case-by-case basis and depend on the facts of your specific case. Here are some examples of what may be considered bad-faith acts by insurance companies:
Failing to acknowledge receipt of a claim
Failing to inspect or investigate a claim promptly
Not conducting a thorough and/or reasonable investigation of a claim
Making unnecessary and irrelevant documentation requests 
Withholding policy benefits without having a reasonable basis for doing so 
Misrepresenting or misinterpreting the law or the insurance policy 
Unreasonably denying insurance coverage
Refusing to provide a reasonable settlement
Unreasonably terminating a valid claim
Failing to notify you of alterations to your policy that may affect your claim
Delaying payments for an unreasonable amount of time, especially when liability is clear
Using threatening or intimidating language
Accusing you of fraud or other crimes
Refusing to provide routine documentation
An increase in premiums due to a claim in which the insured was not at fault 
Offering an unreasonable settlement amount and refusing to negotiate
Modifying or canceling your insurance policy after you have made a claim
Different states have different laws that prohibit insurance companies from acting in certain ways. However, the goal of these statutes is generally to make sure that insurance companies treat their policyholders in good faith. When a policyholder fulfills their end of the contract, an insurance company is legally required to do the same.

How Can Barcus Arenas, PLLC help you?

Barcus Arenas, PLLC has helped thousands of policyholders resolve disputes with their insurance companies. Our bad faith insurance claim lawyer draw on this extensive first-hand experience to help determine whether an insurance company handled a claim appropriately. We also have in-depth knowledge of insurance industry practices and the always-evolving laws for what constitutes bad faith.

Our law firm represents corporate and individual policyholders in large and complex insurance disputes, and we have an established reputation for successfully litigating and resolving cases involving bad faith practices. We have litigated bad faith cases across Texas, Louisiana, and other states on behalf of individuals, small and midsize businesses, and national companies. Our bad faith insurance claim specifically handle bad faith cases involving a wide range of policies, including homeowners, condominium HOAs, and commercial properties. 

At Barcus Arenas, PLLC we have a reputation for being aggressive litigators that get results for our clients. Whenever possible, we strive to resolve matters outside of court, but when that isn’t possible, we are always fully prepared to take the case before a judge or jury.