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The Dream Begins - The Origin of BA Law

It was 1997. Aaron Arenas, then just nine years old, moved from the middle of Houston, out west, near Katy, Texas. Just one street over (about a 1 minute bike ride) lived Michael Barcus, a kid who was the same age, loved sports, and the desire to make an impact one day just as much as Aaron. They became friends almost instantly, and have been friends every day since.

Those early times were filled with joy. These boys were usually easy to find, as it was either baseball, basketball, football, swimming, or anything else outdoors until the streetlights came on. Professional Wrestling was also pretty high on the list of awesome things back in that day. One time, Michael, Aaron, and several of their other friends took all of the mattresses off all of the beds in Michael's house and put them in the living room for a full on melee. (Special thanks to Michael's dad for being so cool).

Aaron and Michael were both competitive. Neither wanted to lose at anything, ever. But beyond every nine year old's dream of becoming a professional athlete, Aaron and Michael both shared a longing for purpose. They both have old souls. They often debated (our parents may say argued) hot topics like politics, economics, and the pursuit of happiness, even as kids.

Aaron and Michael were friends and classmates all through elementary school, junior high, and high school. They went to different colleges, but after college they reunited, living together as roommates in Houston. It was then they both saw their true path and their shared desire to help those without a voice. They both attended South Texas College of Law, Houston's oldest law school and a true powerhouse of passionate advocates.

After leading successful careers as attorneys, Aaron and Michael both knew that the right place for them is their own firm. In 2022, nearly 25 years after they met as kids, Aaron and Michael opened Barcus Arenas, PLLC. The future is bright.